Submissions to Tehran International Short Film Festival come from 131 nations

The Tehran International Short Film Festival (TISFF), now in its 40th round, has received 7,216 entries from 131 different nations.

Iran (IMNA) - Spain now holds the top spot with 913 submissions, followed by India with 553 films and France with 494.

The following nations are, in order, the United States, China, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Britain, Turkey, Germany, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, Poland, and Argentina.

3,390 fiction films, 1,112 experimental films, 1,068 documentaries, and 936 animated features have been filed to the festival out of a total of 7,216 films.

In the meantime, 265 submissions for the "The Silk Road Award" segment and 445 submissions for the "The Truth-seekers Award" area have each been approved for competition.

The Iranian Youth Cinema Society, one of the most known schools of cinema and short film production in Iran and throughout the globe, has organized the Tehran International Short Film Festival for 40 years running. The Iranian Youth Cinema Society, which has more than 80 branches throughout the country and a family of 250 000 graduates, has gone through outstanding educational and effective filmmaking courses, producing hundreds of short films each year and garnering thousands of awards from prestigious and notable international film festivals over the span of the past four decades.

The Academy Awards® (Oscars) have given their approval for TISFF, and the Grand Prize winner is now qualified to compete for an Oscar.

From October 19 to 24, the most recent round of the Tehran International Short Film Festival will take place.

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