Iran files 'huge' case against over 100 MKO terrorists

The Islamic Republic has filed a "huge" case against more than a hundred members of the terrorist organization Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO), which has killed tens of thousands of Iranian civilians, according to Iran's top human rights official.

Iran (IMNA) - Kazem Gharibabadi, secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights, highlighted that Iran aims to rid the world of terrorism and terrorist organizations in an interview with ISNA news agency that was published on Saturday.

He said that 107 prominent members of the MKO are the subject of a "huge" lawsuit that has been sent to an Iranian court for adjudication. He said that the defendants have been notified through email and that a separate branch has been established to handle the case.

According to the criminal procedural rules, the court will shortly begin its work, he added.

Gharibabadi reaffirmed the Islamic Republic's resolve to use all of its resources to combat terrorism, particularly the MKO terrorist group.

"MKO terrorists running amok in the West"

He further bemoaned the MKO's members being able to roam around in several Western countries despite having killed countless innocent Iranian citizens.

"In addition to the legal, judicial, and political pressures the Islamic Republic of Iran has applied to several countries that are host to MKO members, those states have independently determined that the MKO is indeed a terrorist organization. They are putting restrictions on them, and we support the measures taken to stop the MKO terrorists, said Gharibabadi.

The senior Iranian rights official further stated that Tehran will not be contented with the MKO's host country's present course of measures and demanded that they be either expelled or brought to justice.

Since the Islamic Revolution's success in 1979, the MKO has committed several terrorist acts against Iranian citizens and government figures. About 12,000 of the roughly 17,000 Iranians who have died in terrorist assaults over the past 40 years have been victims of the MKO's atrocities.

Due to its involvement in "terror and cyberattacks" against international organizations, the MKO camp, also known as Ashraf-3, outside Tirana, was invaded by Albanian security forces on June 20. 150 computers connected to terrorist operations were confiscated by authorities.

During the fights in the camp, at least one person died and several more were hurt. After more than a week, police re-entered the camp, and security personnel were stationed at the gate to monitor all cars leaving the area.

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