Iran facilitating easier access to drinking water

According to the findings of a survey, the Iranian government has worked hard over the last two years to improve citizens' access to drinking water in towns and villages across the country.

Iran (IMNA)_The ISNA news agency reported on Thursday that 82% of Iranian villages and 99.83% of the country's cities now have access to clean drinking water.

The survey noted that Iran's rate of access to safe water is far higher than the global average, which is 59.6% for rural areas and 85.7% for urban areas. It also noted that the rate in Middle Eastern countries is 83.2% and 69.5%, respectively.

The investigation looked on the administration's attempts to increase Iran's water infrastructure precisely two years after taking office.

It claimed that over the previous two years, access to drinking water has been extended to almost 4.75 million people residing in roughly 10,000 communities throughout Iran.

The data indicated that over the two years leading up to the end of July, Iran has built 12 new water treatment facilities and 24 new wastewater treatment plants.

It said that over the previous two years, Iran's desalination plant capacity had expanded by 6 units, or 54,000 cubic meters per day, and that the nation's wastewater recycling capacity had increased by 324 million cubic meters per year.

According to the report, Iranian businesses are increasingly producing the equipment required for water projects in the country. It also stated that about 80% of the equipment required for water treatment facilities and about 65% of the equipment required for wastewater treatment plants are currently sourced from Iranian domestic suppliers.

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