Despite increased Muslim indignation, Qur'an desecration continues in Sweden and Denmark

More blasphemous acts against the Holy Qur'an have been performed in both countries, despite Sweden and Denmark having said they are looking into ways to legally forbid such actions in order to de-escalate rising tensions with Muslim countries.

Iran (IMNA) - The Holy Qur'an has been desecrated in a number of recent events that included the permission of the authorities in both Sweden and Denmark.

Strongly worded condemnations of these actions came from all around the world, calling on the Nordic governments to halt the burning of Islam's sacred book.

The sacrilegious deeds also sparked widespread protests around the Muslim world, particularly in Iran, with all Muslim nations strongly denouncing the abhorrent obscenity.

According to Lars Lokke Rasmussen, the foreign minister of Denmark, the Danish government is searching for "legal means" to halt the desecration of sacred texts.

Following international outrage, Denmark claims it is seeking "legal means" to prohibit the desecration of holy texts.

Rasmussen told journalists during a meeting with the foreign policy speakers of parliament on Monday that "we are signaling both in Denmark and abroad that we are working on it, which will hopefully help deescalate the problems we are facing."

But on Monday, blasphemous acts against the Holy Qur'an occurred in both nations.

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