Increased Russian travel to Iran anticipated in fall

The Russian Union of Travel Industry predicts that demand for vacations to Iran will increase as the high fall season draws near and that the introduction of visa-free travel for groups will bring even more Russians to the country.

Iran (IMNA) - "The country's rich historical and cultural legacy, as well as the reasonably priced hotels and airfare, are factors that contribute to interest in it. To encourage an even bigger growth in visitor flow, the Ministry of Economic Development is anticipated to announce the introduction of visa-free journeys for groups on August 1.

As stated in the press release from the travel operator "Intourist," sales of tours to Iran are currently 15-20% higher than they were last year, and the depth of bookings extends into October.

The demand for excursions to Iran is always rising every fall, says Dmitry Arutyunov, general director of the Art Tour.

"We send organized groups of 30–40 people in the spring and fall, in addition to individuals," he stated.

The analyst claims that if there were strong advertising efforts in Russia, interest in the direction would be stronger.

"The country is an intriguing vacation location for the spring and fall, but our fellow people know nothing about it. One of the best ski resorts in the world is nearby, and several of our visitors visited it both last winter and this year. Iranian visitors might be an excellent option if there are no alpine ski areas, according to Arutyunov.

Additionally, Iran has emerged as a rival to closed countries, mainly those in Europe, according to Russian tourism expert Maria Novikova. The costs of getting there are also reasonable.

Maxim Reshetnikov, the director of the Russian Federation's Ministry of Economic Development, stated on Wednesday that the first visa-free travel to Iran and China will begin on August 1. Within its framework, visitors from both countries will be able to travel for two weeks in groups that number five to fifty individuals without a visa.

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