According to the deputy minister, Iran's tourist earnings reached $6.2 billion last year

Speaking during a travel convention hosted in the historic city of Tabriz, Shalbafian stated, "According to the [latest] report of the World Travel and Tourism Council, Iran earned 6.2 billion dollars from foreign tourists last year."

Iran (IMNA) - The representative made a contrast by saying, "Last year, about 50 billion dollars were earned from non-oil revenues."

In other parts of his speech, he mentioned the sizeable amount of travel-related investment flows in the nation, saying: "Tourism projects worth more than 3.600 trillion rials (about $7.2 billion) are currently underway throughout the Islamic Republic."

According to the WTTC's research, Iran's tourism industry grew 39 percent year on year in 2020, with total expenditure by international tourists reaching $6.2 billion, a 73.5% rise from the previous year.

According to the research, Iran has also succeeded in seeing a recovery in the travel and tourism sectors for two years running. The tourism sector of the economy in the nation had a 45% decline in GDP share in 2020 but a 40% increase in this proportion in 2021.

According to the council, the tourist sector's contribution to Iran's overall GDP climbed by 39.2% in 2022 to reach 4.6 percent.

With the tourist boom, the employment creation rate in Iran climbed by 11.2% in 2022, and the number of people employed in this area increased to 1.44 million. Similarly, the tourist industry's percentage of total employment in Iran will reach 6.1% in 2022.

According to IRNA, of the total number of foreign visitors that entered Iran in 2022, 55% were Iraqis, with tourists from the Republic of Azerbaijan and Turkey each accounting for 6%, Pakistan accounting for 5%, and Kuwait accounting for 2%.

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