President Raeisi: Africa is a continent with many prospects that should not be ignored

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi emphasizes the need of strengthening connections with African states, calling the continent as a land of opportunity with enormous potential.

Iran (IMNA) - "We value our ties with the African continent, just as we do with countries in Asia and other regions, and we should not overlook this continent, which is full of opportunities," Raeisi said at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport early Friday after returning from a trip to Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

He stated that the trip's initial goal was to increase the Islamic Republic of Iran's "strategic depth."

African nations were attracted to the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the system that emerged as a result of the Iranian people's faith, anti-colonialist zeal, and courage, according to Raeisi.

Following the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran established diplomatic links with numerous African governments, and these countries are eager to develop their cooperation with Tehran in various sectors, according to the Iranian president.

Raeisi also emphasized the need of improving connections with African nations, stating that the continent is endowed with enormous natural resources and minerals, as well as several potentials and areas for closer collaboration.

He stated that his three-country African journey was also intended to enhance commercial and trade links with those nations, as well as to access new markets with knowledge-based goods created by Iranian professionals.

The Iranian president cited raw material provision as another purpose of his African journey, adding that the problem of extra-territorial agriculture was also discussed.

According to Raeisi, agreements have been reached with African nations for barter transactions in which Iran would get basic necessities in exchange for delivering petrochemical products.

Another item considered during the trip was scientific and technical exchanges, he said, adding that "offices were accordingly established in all three countries to take an effective step in facilitating and strengthening our communication and cooperation in this area."

Raeisi cited "good meetings" with entrepreneurs and businessmen who expressed a willingness to deepen commercial relations between Iran and Africa, as well as methods to solve existing barriers.

"More than ever, greater work is needed to expand relations with African states in political, economic, and cultural fields," Raeisi said, adding that enhancing bilateral collaboration with these countries will result in regional and worldwide cooperation.

"We share common views with these (African) countries on opposing unilateralism, [defending] human rights, protecting family values, and combating moral corruption and organized crime," the Iranian President stated.

He referred to Kenya as the "gateway to East Africa," emphasizing that stronger connections with Nairobi will improve exchanges in other areas.

"We believe that the world is not limited to the West," Raeisi added, emphasizing Iran's foreign policy is founded on engagement with the entire world. "Africa is as important as America and Asia," Raesi stated.

During the three-state journey to Africa, 21 documents on various forms of cooperation were signed.

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