Khwarazmi, significant algebraic figure

Khwarizmi, full name Muhammed ibn Ms al-Khwrizm ( (born c. 780 —died c. 850), was a Muslim mathematician and astronomer who is credited with introducing algebra and Hindu-Arabic numbers into European mathematics.

Iran (IMNA) -Information Technology Day, or Kharazmi Commemoration Day, is observed on July 13th, or Tir 22nd in the Iranian calendar.

Al-Khwrizm (770–840 CE) is renowned for his contributions to mathematics, including the introduction of algebra and Hindu-Arabic numbers to European mathematicians.

His contributions to mathematics helped him gain fame. The name "algebra" is taken from a book he authored on the subject. The fact-checked Britannica reported that Khwrizm also wrote a book on computation that taught Europeans how to calculate using Hindu-Arabic numerals and introduced them to algebra.

Numerous activities are organized each year to mark the occasion. One of the most famous occasions in Iran is the International Khwarazmi Festival.

The festival seeks to promote entrepreneurship, find the nation's innovators and scientists, support the festival winners, and offer a proper forum for international collaboration in science and technology. With the use of five criteria, sixteen specialist teams assess and review the submitted designs.

The premier Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), which is connected to the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, made the decision to establish an award in 1987 to recognize Iran's great contributions to science and technology.

The Khwarizmi Award was suggested by IROST in honor of Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Musa Al- Khwarizmi, a renowned Iranian mathematician and astronomer.

The National Kharazmi Festival launched in 1987, and the International Kharazmi Festival debuted in 1992.

Iranian and international participants can present their scientific accomplishments at this Festival.

The festival's executive process is divided into five competitive categories, including domestic projects, international projects, projects by Iranians who are currently living abroad, successful national production projects that have been commercialized, and special awards (given to recognize Iranian scientists and intellectuals).

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