Iran-Russia cultural week fosters reciprocal understanding

According to Iran's Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaeili, the current Iran-Russia cultural week has the potential to significantly improve mutual understanding between the two countries. Esmaeili made this statement in an exclusive interview with Russia 24 TV station on Thursday.

Iran (IMNA) - The minister stated that the goal of the Iran-Russia cultural week is to foster connection, communication, and understanding between the people of the two countries via their rich cultural heritages.

He continued, "The cultural week is a great way to strengthen the already existing ties and further explore the potential of this relationship, which could enhance people-to-people interactions."

As we are presently in a historic period, it is essential that our nations unify and advance together, he said. Iran and Russia have a long history of contact and relations.

"We strongly believe that culture holds immense potential to enhance communication and relations between nations while also expanding opportunities for promoting interactions in various other fields," the speaker said.

He stated, "We view the cultural week as more than just a platform for showcasing arts and cultural accomplishments," and added, "Rather, it serves as a means to foster a deeper sense of connection and understanding as we pursue our shared historical mission."

Esmaeili declared this week that Iran and Russia have decided to work together on making movies in a joint news conference with Russian Federation Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova.

Recent formal conversations between the delegates of the two countries resulted in an agreement to plan a number of cultural events.

According to Lyubimova, this partnership may unite the best minds and skills in both countries' film industries.

She mentioned that among the cultural activities will be the much-awaited Caspian Sea littoral nations' cultural heritage festival and the spiritual culture conference planned for Tehran.

She also advocated the expansion of bilateral collaboration in all areas between the two countries.

Esmaeili stated that Iran and Russia are actively collaborating in a number of spheres as two significant participants in the international arena.

It is commonly anticipated that the cultural realm will play a significant role in enhancing their accomplishments, he continued.

He suggested that Russia and the Islamic Republic should collaborate more in the arts of theater, music, literature, and film to strengthen their cultural links.

He added that it was decided to encourage cultural exchanges between the elites of the two countries during the meeting with the Russian minister of culture.

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