New international order emerging in favor of independent, liberty-seeking countries

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi claims that a new international order is emerging in favor of freedom-seeking, independent countries, emphasizing that opposition to arrogant powers has resulted in substantial successes.

Iran (IMNA) - Raeisi, who is on the first part of a three-country tour to Latin America, made the statements at a joint meeting of Iran and Venezuela's high-level delegations on Monday afternoon local time. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro attended the conference as well.

According to the Iranian president, Tehran and Caracas have improved "strategic" relations in recent years, but they must quickly implement previously negotiated agreements to raise ties to greater heights given their different mutual powers.

He also stated that Iran is capable of exporting technical engineering services and processing agricultural and mineral resources.

"The Iranian nation has gained valuable experience and achievements in the field of science and technology as a result of its resistance to the arrogant system and [success to] overcome sanctions," Raeisi said, adding that Tehran is willing to share them with Venezuela.

He stated that Iran and Venezuela are aiming to raise their trade volume to $10 billion in the long term and then to $20 billion.

The Iranian and Venezuelan presidents announced their plan to raise bilateral commerce to $20 billion earlier in the day at a joint news conference.

The news conference was preceded by an official ceremony in which the ministers and other high officials from the two countries signed a total of 19 cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding.

The Iranian president emphasized the necessity of further engaging the two nations' maritime lines and urged further collaboration in the industrial, mining, energy, monetary, and banking sectors.

Venezuela's president, for his part, emphasized Caracas' strategic ties with Tehran and stated that Venezuela is committed to launching a new round of bids aimed at boosting relations with Iran.

Maduro also stated that Iran and Venezuela have taken measures to lessen their reliance on oil earnings and strengthen their economies' resiliency to external instability and pressure.

Imperialism is disintegrating in the new world that is emerging, and the countries that have rejected the arrogant powers' unreasonable demands are on the threshold of victory, he underscored.

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