Isfahan makes every effort to achieve notion of  child-friendly city

Children's time spent playing outside, their independence in moving around, and their degree of engagement with nature are all excellent measures of how well a city is doing for all generations of city inhabitants.

Iran (IMNA) - Therefore, it is important for cities to prioritize the well-being of families and children. This can be achieved through various initiatives, such as building more parks and green spaces, implementing family-friendly policies in the workplace, and providing affordable housing options. Additionally, investing in quality education and healthcare services can also contribute to creating a thriving environment for families. It is crucial for cities to recognize that the future success of their communities depends on the well-being of their youngest members. By paying attention to the needs of families and children, cities can create a sustainable and prosperous future for all residents.

Isfahanis local leaders tried their best to realize the concept of a child-friendly city. The Municipality of Isfahan has implemented many urban projects in favor of children.

One of the most notable projects is the creation of parks and playgrounds that cater to children's needs. These parks are designed with safety in mind and provide a peaceful environment for children to play and socialize. Additionally, the municipality has launched campaigns to raise awareness about child protection and safety. This includes educating parents on how to keep their children safe from harm and providing resources for families in need.

The city has also established child-friendly policies, such as reducing traffic speed limits in residential areas and increasing pedestrian crossings near schools.

Furthermore, Isfahani's local leaders have invested in education programs that focus on children's development and well-being. These programs include after-school activities, summer camps, and sports clubs that encourage physical activity and teamwork. Overall, Isfahan has made significant strides towards becoming a child-friendly city, providing a nurturing environment where children can thrive and grow into healthy adults.

Abolfazl Ghorbani, the vice president of the Islamic City Council of Isfahan, referred to the child-friendly measures taken by the municipality of Isfahan and noted, "We can assert that the plans put forth by the current urban management board are consistent with a community that is welcoming to families, with a special emphasis on children and the elderly. All international treaties in this area that are consistent with our national and religious values are also unquestionably implemented during our responsibility as local leaders."

Ghorbani continued, "creating the administrative organization of the child-friendly city, holding the first national conference of the child-friendly city, drafting and approving some bills in the city's Islamic City Council, reporting the status of children, and developing an action plan, including important measures concerning the child-friendly city in Isfahan."

"Given that the Isfahan municipality was awarded the title of child-friendly city candidacy with the approval and participation of the Ministry of Interior and the UNICEF office of Iran, the Isfahan municipality has attempted to create a system so that children can grow up in a healthy and happy environment in the city according to their needs, just like other citizens, " he said.

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