To secure regional security, Raeisi urges acceleration of Iran, Turkey's collaboration

The Iranian president complimented Iran and Turkey for their roles in fostering regional peace and security, and he urged an intensification of their collaboration for the benefit of other nations in the area.

Iran (IMNA) - On Tuesday, Ebrahim Raeisi made the statements during a phone call with recently reelected Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Raeisi hailed Erdogan on his presidential election victory on Sunday.

He expressed optimism that the two nations' economic, political, security, cultural, and commercial connections will strengthen further during Erdogan's next term in office.

Raeisi continued by saying that the close collaboration between the two neighbors will provide better circumstances for the advancement of peace and stability in the region.

Erdogan, for his part, praised the Iranian president's courteous gesture, stating that the process of growing relations between Turkey and the Islamic Republic of Iran in numerous spheres will continue with more strength and perseverance.

He also indicated his administration's desire to take more seriously regional cooperation, notably the quadrilateral collaboration with Turkey, Iran, Russia, and Syria.

Erdogan went on to remark that such partnership will benefit and enhance peace in the region as well as economic and commercial cooperation.

On Sunday, Erdogan announced the winner of Turkey's runoff election, extending the presidency until 2028.

In light of similar interests and challenges between the two neighbours, Erdogan's reelection has increased the likelihood of tighter Iranian-Turkish cooperation.

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