Unprovoked Taliban attack results in the martyrdom of two Iranian border guards

Armed Taliban troops attacked a border checkpoint in the southeast Sistan and Baluchestan region without warning, resulting in the martyrdom of two Iranian border guards and the injuries of two civilians during a gunfight.

Iran (IMNA) - The Taliban began firing at a border station on Saturday, according to Iran's deputy police commander, in defiance of both international law and good neighbor ideals.

According to Qassem Rezaei, deputy head of the national police force, "Taliban forces from Afghanistan started shooting with all kinds of weapons at Sasoli police station located in Zabol border regiment around 10:00 a.m. (local time) today."

He said that the gallant Iranian border guards stopped the "unprovoked" gunfire "decisively".

According to the official, the Iranian side sent the proper warnings to the Taliban as required by border protocol after the attack, but "unfortunately, the shooting started again hours ago and the clashes continue."

Rezaei said that Iran's police head, Ahmad Reza Radan, gave the border guards all the "necessary firm orders" to "bravely and firmly guard the borders and not allow anyone to breach or approach."

Radan stated in his decision that the "current rulers of Afghanistan must be held responsible for their ill-considered measures that are opposed to international principles."

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