Reconciliation between Iran, Saudi Arabia to go deep into history: President of Pakistan

Pakistani President Arif Alvi has praised Iran and Saudi Arabia for resuming diplomatic ties, saying the two country's peacekeeping and reconciliation pact will go deep into history.

Iran (IMNA)- In a message sent on Tuesday, Alvi noted the escalation of political tensions in Pakistan and stated that all Pakistani groups must reconsider their positions in order to restore peace and quiet to the country.

This is what Iran and Saudi Arabia have done in order to achieve tremendous peace and their ultimate aims, he said.

He praised China for its beneficial role in fostering reconciliation meetings between Tehran and Riyadh, claiming that the two sides' top officials were successful in building long-term peace by examining their views and implementing fundamental reforms.

The Pakistani president stressed that the sensible and constructive thinking of the leaders of Iran and Saudi Arabia has laid the groundwork for the end of decades of tension.

Iran and Saudi Arabia decided to reestablish diplomatic relations and reopen their embassies on March 10, following several days of rigorous discussions sponsored by China.

Following the signing of the deal, Tehran and Riyadh issued a joint statement emphasizing the need of respecting each other's national sovereignty and refraining from intervening in one another's internal affairs.

In the meantime, Saudi Arabia's ideological foreign policy with its triangular combination of money, militancy, and madrassas has defined the Muslim world's politics for the past 40 years, according to Pakistani Senator Mushahid Hussain; however, the recent warming of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia has put an end to the region's destabilization.

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