Iran leads the world's top country in building oil pipelines despite sanctions

Despite US-led sanctions aimed at the country's energy industry, Iran has ranked top in the world for building oil transmission pipelines, according to a research.

Iran (IMNA) - Global Energy Monitor, a group that keeps track of energy projects throughout the world, stated in its most recent report that Iran is now building more than 1,900 kilometers of oil pipelines, placing it first among the world's 20 oil pipeline developers.

The analysis shows that Iran, despite being subject to illegitimate US sanctions, is building the most oil pipelines worldwide, followed by India, Niger, Canada, and Benin.

According to the statistics, Iran is now building an estimated 12 times more oil pipeline than the United States, which is only thought to be 150 kilometers long.

State-owned firms and commercial businesses, like the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum, China National Petroleum Corporation, Iraqi Ministry of Oil, India's Numaligarh Refinery Limited, and France's TotalEnergies, are among the top five corporations in the world building oil transmission pipelines.

Iran leads the world's top country in building oil pipelines despite sanctions

As reported by the Global Energy Monitor, there are 9,100 kilometers of oil pipeline being built throughout the world, with plans for an additional 21,900 kilometers. They also claimed that the total cost of constructing these pipes would be $131.9 billion.

New tracker data indicates that 4,400 kilometers of pipelines for the under-construction oil pipeline, or roughly half of it, are in West Asia and Africa.

The two areas are home to 49% of all oil transmission pipelines now under construction worldwide, with a total cost of $25.3 billion.

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