Iran Army Aviation boasts most powerful helicopter fleet in West Asia: Commander

According to the Iranian Army Aviation commander, his division is home to the most potent fleet of helicopters in all of West Asia.

Iran (IMNA) - In the western province of Kermanshah, Brigadier General Yousef Ghorbani made the remark during a ceremony honoring the legendary Iranian pilot Ali Akbar Shiroodi's anniversary of his sacrifice during the 1980s Iraq-Iran conflict.

He said that the sacrifices of Shiroodi and other martyrs had led to the achievement of long-term security across the countries and along its borders.

Brigadier General Yousef Ghorbani noted that the public and the young should be aware of how Martyr Shiroodi targeted and destroyed the enemy's tanks in order to keep the memories of such martyrs.

"Today, if the aviation unit is the most potent helicopter fleet in West Asia, [and] if the Islamic Republic of Iran is powerful in the world, [and] causes jitters among the Zionists, it is by virtue of the blood of the martyrs," Ghorbani stated.

When the nation encounters defense-related challenges, the aviation unit "stands with all its strength, and in times of peace, it stands by the people in disasters and dangers," he continued.

The top commander added that the enemy is constantly plotting to topple the Islamic establishment, but that every one of their schemes is thwarted by the speech of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. Iran is currently in a position to upset the military calculations of the so-called superpowers, the top commander said.

Regarding the cutting-edge technology of the aviation unit's helicopter fleet, Ghorbani said that some of the equipment found on the most cutting-edge helicopters in the world, such as locally produced night vision systems, has been put on Iranian aircraft.

The armed forces are now self-sufficient thanks to extraordinary advancements made in recent years by Iranian military specialists and engineers in the manufacture of a wide variety of indigenous equipment.

Iranian leaders have made it clear that the country would never negotiate on its defense capabilities and that Iran will never hesitate to expand its military capabilities, particularly its missile capacity, which is only intended for defense.

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