Eco-friendly buildings in Isfahan to get price incentives

Islamic City Council of Isfahan plans to use economic stimulus measures to help promote the construction of eco-friendly buildings in the touristic metropolis.

Iran (IMNA) - “It is the first time that Isfahan’s civil administration has considered up to 50 percent discount on the cost of issuing permits for buildings that meet environmentally friendly standards, which is a significant incentive,” a member of the council said on Wednesday.

The scheme is aimed to encourage the construction of buildings that incorporate cost-effective green technologies to ensure energy efficiency.

Eco-friendly buildings in Isfahan to get price incentives

“It would be one of the landmark decisions to be made by the civil administration, and we hope that with its approval, the participation of all citizens will be encouraged for the protection of Isfahan's properties and assets in terms of energy and environment,” Seyyed Amir Same’ explained.

Water consumption, energy, green space development, and waste management from city buildings are among the pivotal factors taken into account in that scheme, Same’ said.

He estimated more employment opportunities for skilled and educated workers if the engineers, designers, and constructors of these buildings are encouraged to use energy optimization equipment.


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