Isfahan to expand international interactions

Referring to the city managers' intention to expand international interactions, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' representative office in Isfahan said, "Isfahan has been introduced to the world as a global city. It can be described as a golden jewel among the countries of the world having a strong status in public diplomacy."

Iran (IMNA) - Addressing the measures taken in the field of public diplomacy, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' representative office in Isfahan noted, "The citizen diplomat project was a new initiative to leverage the potential of Isfahani people living abroad to introduce the city. We believe that by providing an appropriate context, we will be able to establish greater connections with the sister cities."

"This city is globally-known for having cultural figures, intellectuals and great masters in various fields of art. Handicrafts, souvenirs, carpets and precious historical monuments of Isfahan have provided an opportunity through which we can take advantage of public diplomacy," The head of the representative office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Isfahan remarked, emphasizing the need to take Isfahan's capacity to expand international relations.

Isfahan to expand international interactions

Pointing to the signing of 17 Memorandums of Understanding between the universities of Isfahan last year, he said, "the number indicates the significant international interactions between Isfahan University and other scientific bodies. "

Salarian pointed out, "Believers of the divine religions living in Isfahan can invite their co-religionists to Isfahan so that the dialogue between religions will be provided, because the peaceful coexistence of religions is one of the features of Isfahan, which should be taken into consideration by city and provincial officials."

He considered the field of public diplomacy to be very broad and said, "The significant aspects of Isfahan are the tourist attractions, and strengthening the tourism sector will create economic opportunities for the city."

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