Apple exports dropped by nearly half in volume

According to a senior source at the country's agricultural ministry, Iran's amount of apple exports decreased by about 50% in the most recent calendar year.

Iran (IMNA) - Dariush Salempour, the director of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad's non-tropical fruit division, reported on Tuesday that Iran exported 0.55 million metric tons (mt) of apples in the 11 months leading up to February 19.

According to Salempour, the amount represented a significant drop from the calendar year to late March 2022, when Iran topped China as the second-largest exporter of apples in the world with over 0.985 million mt of shipments.

Overall apple output in Iran in the year to March 20 reached roughly four million mt, a 7% decrease from the previous year, owing mostly to an earlier-than-expected cold wave that harmed the crop.

Apple exports dropped by nearly half in volume

According to him, the total area of land allocated to apple production in Iran has grown to 247,000 hectares.

"Iran ranks third in the world in terms of apple farm area and is the fourth largest producer of various varieties of apples," Salempour added.

MAJ's trade development department stated on Tuesday that it has ordered the elimination of all restrictions on apple and orange exports from Iranian borders beginning in early April.

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