Investment in Iranian mines created tens of thousands of new jobs

According to the Statistical Center of Iran (SCI), the added value provided by mining in Iran increased by 75% year on year in the calendar year ending March 20, 2022.

Iran (IMNA) - Based on the most recent SCI estimates released on Tuesday, mines active in Iran during the calendar year 1400 generated more than 2,197 trillion rials (almost $5 billion at current exchange rates) of added value.

The data showed that, in the year ending in late March 2022, investment in Iranian mines climbed by 43.6%, totaling more than 78.7 trillion rials.

According to the SCI, Iran now has 6,025 operating mines, rising 243 or 4.2% from the previous year. The SCI also noted that there are 130,358 people employed in Iranian mines, an increase of 8.3%.

Investment in Iranian mines created tens of thousands of new jobs

Data from the government statistics office show that mining output in Iran surged by 84.1% year over year in the year 1400 to reach over 2,750 trillion rials.

The data coincides with Iran's ongoing initiatives to develop its mining and metals sector as part of a plan to diversify the Iranian economy away from oil export income.

According to experts, greater investment in Iran's mines has enhanced the country's exports from the industry and allowed the government to generate tens of thousands of new jobs for the young generation.

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