Isfahan welcomes young, environmental friendly bus fleet

Rising population in Isfahan is putting pressure on its transport networks; Isfahan’s Department of Transportation (IDOT) has announced that it is continuing to expand and improve its fleet of buses, adding 81 new clean buses to the fleet.

Iran (IMNA) - Better buses allow for increases in employment and productivity, which benefit not only city residents and businesses but also help drive the local economy. Buses promote lower transportation emissions to benefit the environment and clean up toxic air.

The continued addition of newer buses to the IDOT means that the city’s transportation fleet is getting younger and more environmentally friendly.

Referring to the unveiling of new city buses, the Mayor of Isfahan Ali Ghasemzade said, “81 new buses with a credit of 3,500 billion Rials (partly supplied by government financial support) have been added to the city's public transport fleet.”

Regarding the city management's efforts to address the primary concern of Isfahani citizens in terms of public transport fleet, Ghasemzade noted, “In this regard, 185 buses have entered the city transport fleet during the past year and a half.”

Managing Director Isfahan and Suburbs Bus Company Abbas Rouhani said, "By adding 81 buses to the fleet, bus crowding and clumping will be mitigated. The purchased buses using EURO 4 and EURO 5 emissions regulations for heavy-duty engines will drive down air pollution.

Bus priority initiatives have eliminated the need to sit in traffic during rush hour; so, you can just enjoy sitting in the bus and don’t be concerned about finding a parking space.

Isfahan welcomes young and environmental friendly bus fleet

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