Grossi holds constructive discussions with Iran

In response to threats from the US and Israel to strike nuclear facilities in Iran, Rafael Grossi, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General, declared that any military attack on nuclear facilities is unacceptable.

Iran (IMNA) - Grossi made the statements at a joint news conference in Tehran on Saturday with Mohammad Eslami, the president of Iran's Atomic Energy Agency, who called the IAEA to support develop trust.

In recent weeks, the Biden administration has moved closer to Israel, conducting large-scale joint military drills with the state.

Last month, US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides stated that "all options" against Iran are on the table and that "Israel may and should do whatever they need to deal with, and we've got their back."

"In this regard, there are two distinct issues. First, because of the war in Ukraine, attacks on nuclear power plants have unfortunately become widespread. Second, the Agency's public conferences have denounced these attacks. As a result, I believe that the attack on nuclear plants is completely unacceptable and illegal," Grossi stated.

He is in Tehran following Western accusations that IAEA inspectors discovered 84% enriched uranium in Iran, which Tehran denies.

According to Eslami, the Islamic Republic enriches uranium to 60% fissile purity.

Grossi holds constructive discussions with Iran

Grossi stated that he held "constructive talks" with Iranian officials, which might open the way for the restoration of a landmark 2015 accord to bring the United States back into compliance and lift sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Eslami urged the UN nuclear agency not to be persuaded by those who seek to stymie bilateral collaboration.

"We must be able to address difficulties in a trustworthy manner while also preventing the entry and penetration of elements and agents whose sole objective is to disturb a regular and professional relationship," the president of Iran's Atomic Energy Agency added.

"It is crucial and important that Iran and the agency have tight contacts, and the more these relations are on the part of Iran, the others cannot meddle with their influence. This demonstrates the importance of our collaboration," Grossi said on Saturday.

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