Raesi's visit to Beijing expected to strengthen China-Iran ties

Iran's President Ebrahim Raeisi hopes to put a 25-year cooperation agreement with China into action during his next official visit to Beijing, according to the president's deputy chief of staff for political affairs.

Iran (IMNA) - Mohammad Jamshidi, speaking on television on Sunday night, stated that President Raeisi's three-day visit to China later this week will have both economic and politico-strategic components.

Iran, Jamshidi added, is pursuing substantial economic cooperation with China based on the partnership agreement reached in March 2021, in an effort to enhance the two countries' long-standing economic and political friendship.

"We have advanced the processes for executing the comprehensive agreement between Iran and China, which was a paper accord at the start of this administration's term. The finalization of the agreement will be followed up on during this trip," he said.

Raesi's visit to Beijing expected to strengthen China-Iran ties

The top official said that the Raeisi administration's goal centered on the idea of "economic convergence," particularly with Asian countries.

Raeisi will depart for Beijing on Monday evening, leading a high-level political and economic delegation.

Iran and China have developed tight connections in recent years, particularly after the United States unilaterally restored sanctions on the Iranian economy in 2018 after withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal.

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