Raeisi: Bahman 22nd day of truth's triumph over deceit

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi hailed the 22nd of Bahman as the day of the truth's triumph over deceit, the day of the victory of the downtrodden over the arrogant, and the realization of the miracle of the century .

Iran (IMNA) -Raeisi stated that the historic day ended oppression and dependence and marked the beginning of independence, freedom, and the Islamic Republic, and that it crystallized the will of the great nation of Iran.

The Iranian president emphasized that the establishment and continuation of the Pahlavi regime was against the will of the people and accompanied by a coup, saying, "They committed crimes and treason during their rule, and they were unconcerned about [the Iranian people's] great capacities, and only cared for the pleasure of the global hegemony and the United States."

"Pahlavi's autocratic leadership only brought backwardness to our nation and country," Raeisi remarked, “They seized power in defiance of the Constitution and through a coup.”

Raeisi: Bahman 22nd day of truth's triumph over deceit

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