Isfahan one step closer to become zero waste city

Today, many developed cities across Iran like Isfahan are aiming to transform their current waste management practice into a more efficient and sustainable way, called zero waste practice.

Iran (IMNA) - Waste management is one of the most important key challenges for sustainable city design. Today's consumer-driven cities generate massive amounts of waste that puts enormous pressure on the city government to manage waste in a more sustainable manner.

Creating a zero-waste city may be a futuristic concept, but it’s one with a long history. Isfahan has established itself as Iran’s leader for the zero waste movement.

Trash in a zero-waste city would never come to landfills or incinerators. Instead, it is reabsorbed into the resource production process, resulting in a circular economy that does not generate waste.

“Isfahan is recognized as Iran’s leader in waste collection because unlike other cities, it has no large shared rubbish bins on streets for waste collection. The municipality will soon implement new approaches in waste collection strategies that will give rise to effective waste segregation,” Ali Ghasemzade the mayor of Isfahan said in a radio program called "the voice of the city".

Isfahan one step closer to become zero waste city

He continued, “in the near future, we will present a system through which citizens will contact the municipality to collect certain waste that is the source of garbage juice; in other words, the municipality buy the out-of-turn waste from citizens.”

The mayor of Isfahan noted, “Currently, about 500 households in Isfahan are moving towar d realizing the zero waste objectives. They have been volunteered to launch a campaign aiming at encouraging citizens to push forward efforts to reduce waste.”

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