15 January 2023 - 12:08
Isfahan manages chilly weather chaos

“Currently, the Municipality of Isfahan is making a budget plan for 2034-2024, on the basis of which environmental and public transport issues are prioritized,” The mayor of Isfahan said.

Iran (IMNA) - “Due to the snowfall, we witnessed another new face for Isfahan, which brought joy and happiness to the citizens. The city administration was already aware of the atmospheric instability in Isfahan. Given the weather forecast, public service workers were all set for such situation, and performed snow removal operations, including snowplowing, sanding and salting immediately, ” Ali Ghasemzadeh said in an interview with the local morning radio program named "Salam Isfahan" on January 14.

Referring to the offices being forced to shutter and practice remote working following the notification of Isfahan’s crisis management office on the reducing energy consumption, he said, "thsese days, most Isfahan’s municipal services departments are involved to provide regular services to the citizens.”

The mayor of Isfahan stated, "despite the chaos chilly weather brought, the cooperation among city workers, citizens, and the traffic police led to no unfortunate incidents."

Isfahan manages chilly weather chaose

Involving citizens in idea generation processes

"We request all experts, pundits, and citizens to deliver us their opinions or ideas on traffic, public transportation and shaping the future of the city through the call center system 137, " Ghasemzade said.

The Mayor added, "paying tribute to the status and dignity of women, a project called "It's Mother's treat" was carried out for mothers and their children to benefit from the city's recreational and tourism facilities for free. According to the statistics, about fifty-three thousand women took advantage of the initiative. "

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