Mazut; biggest contributor of Isfahan's air pollution

"Commemorating the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad's daughter, Fatima Zahra (PBUH), the urban setting has been prepared to stage various ceremonies; so, we hope that all citizens will have wonderful times in the city, women in particular," the Mayor of Isfahan Ali Ghasemzade said in said in a radio interview.

Iran (IMNA) - Saying that environmental problems have been pervaded the entire city, the mayor of Isfahan noted, "although heavy showers battered Isfahan over the last week and it was expected to witness an improved air quality, the rain didn't wash away pollution; this could be a piece of evidence that mobile sources including cars, are not the primary causes of air pollution and we must look for the main source."

Emphasizing that these days the biggest contributor of air pollution is the burning massive amounts of mazut, he pointed out, "the city administration is hardly in a position to make a decision in this regard, but as a claimant and on behalf of Isfahani citizens, the Municipality bring the subject of air pollution round to their demands. It has been calling for a sharp 10% reduction in the province’s energy use to avoid the risk of burning mazut."

Mazut; biggest contributor of Isfahan's air pollution

Detecting motorcyclists through surveillance cameras

Stressing that some motorcyclists violate pedestrian rights in urban public parks, Ghasemzade went on to say that "In this regard, the municipal enforcement officers and traffic police should focus on traffic violation-prone locations. Nazhvan Forest Park and Salamat Pedestrian Road have been designed for people to walk and exercise, and that's why the management board of Nazhvan should adopt protective measures and prevent motorcyclists using the path. "

Noting that the Municipality is trying to change the technology of municipal cleaning vehicles in the city, the Mayor said, "We have introduced a small number of cleaning vehicles benefiting from the state-of-the-art technology to function on a trial basis. The newly arrived vehicles have been designed by knowledge-based companies."

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