Rig-e Jenn: the bizarre land of elves!

Whoever named it Rig-e Jenn, may have been deeply troubled by ghosts and the devil there in the heart of the Iranian plateau.

Iran (IMNA) - Also known as the Dune of the Jinn, it is a desolate and barren region, which is dominated by enormous dunes, challenging even the most ardent and experienced travelers, adventurers, and drivers of 4WD vehicles.

According to legends, even caravans avoided passing through Rig-e Jenn because they thought it was inhabited by "jinn" and evil spirits. In Islamic culture, a "jinn" is a spirit, and Rig-e Jenn was once (and in some places still is) thought to house evil spirits!

Rig-e Jenn: the bizarre land of elves!

Some people still hold this belief in the nearby towns and villages today. According to sources, Sven Hedin, a renowned Swedish desert explorer, avoided the region during his 1900s expeditions to Iran's deserts, and Alfons Gabriel, traveling from Ashin to Aroosan in the 1930s, was only able to cross the southern "tail" of the desert.

Also referred to as the Desert of Spirits, the scenic landscape also embraces vast swamps, which could present a serious challenge even to ardent trekkers due to difficult hikes and a lack of water.

Those who have been there saying it is almost like walking on a dry seabed. There, enormous swaths of sand that can almost appear unreal and "too" smooth are whipped into eye-catching structures and shapes only by the constant winds that blow across them.

When the sun goes down, those who make a camp are well-rewarded. It's the perfect time for the desert's crystal-clear sky to display a very bright moon and incredibly vivid stars.

Rig-e Jenn: the bizarre land of elves!

After hours, it is possible to travel first on asphalt roads and then through uninhabited terrain for a few hours to reach the bizarre desert. In fact, years ago, adventurers discovered routes to the heart of Rig-e Jenn using modern tools like 4WDs, maps, aerial photos, laptops, GPS devices, and aids through trial and error.

The remote land may not be a top destination for a novice trekker due to fading roads and possibly struggling with a poor cell phone signal.

Remember that sometimes ferocious winds howl through Rig-e Jenn, expressing fears to onlookers if you intend to visit.

Rig-Jenn is sandwiched between the two provinces of Semnan and Isfahan. The strange desert can be reached via hours of riding first on an asphalt road and then through uninhabited terrain. The vast deserts of eastern Iran are characterized by arid, sun-baked landscapes that are particularly alluring to thrill-seekers.

Rig-e Jenn: the bizarre land of elves!

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