Isfahan gets the most out of urban green walls

Too much noise has a harmful effect on health, leading to sleep depreciation, increased blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Those who are constantly exposed to increased noise levels without any protection must even deal with a shorter life expectancy. Some cities across the world are now taking an effective measures to crack down on urban noise.

Iran (IMNA) - Natural noise barriers made from trees and other plants can provide a shield from unwanted noise pollution. These green surfaces don't just look attractive; they have other benefits as well, including cooling city atmosphere and improving a city's energy efficiency by reflecting heat.

When strategically placed by roadways, such natural noise blockers help reduce annoying noises by absorbing and refracting sound waves.

Vegetation reduces noise pollution through a phenomenon called attenuation of sound waves, which is the reduction of sound intensity.

"Many countries across the world, Iran in particular, are taking advantages of plants as acoustic insulation barriers. Green walls have been installed along all Isfahan's streets and freeways acting as living sound walls," The CEO of Isfahan Municipality's Department for Urban Parks and Green Space Organization Majid Erfan-manesh said.

Isfahan get the most out of urban green walls

Natural noise barriers trap or absorb large amounts of nitrogen dioxide and microscopic solids or liquid droplets that are pollutants harmful to people.

Emphasizing that marginal green spaces have been embedded along Isfahan's main streets, he added, "The Municipality of Isfahan has persuaded a collective wisdom regarding the importance of urban vegetation to control air and noise pollution, predicted to which all urban networks whether freeways or side streets, will have peripheral green spaces that act as living soundproofing walls."

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