Isfahan clings to people-oriented transport

With today's continuing shift to urban living, cities will face far more significant social, economic, and environmental pressures, especially in transportation domain.

Iran (IMNA) - New mobility trends are reshaping urban transportation in cities. Transportation network companies should focus on removing the barriers in using the accessible transport modes rather than introducing new innovations.

City leaders have inclined to grasp the human-centric design as a principle to reinforce the quality of life in cities and shape the future of mobility that will maximize benefits for citizens. Putting people at the core of transport planning, urban planners eliminate inequalities in transportation services.

"Realizing the slogan of "My Isfahan, the City of Life", the Isfahan Municipality's Department for Transportation has brought a people-oriented approach to the fore. When following a people-oriented urban planning approach, the focus is on the movements of people, however, private vehicles still considered as a part of the transportation system," The Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for Transportation and Traffic Hossein Hagshanas said.

Isfahan clings to People-oriented transport

Considering the benefits of such strategy, most of the developed cities have adopted the maximization of the mobility of people rather than vehicles as their policy objective.

Emphasizing that various measures have been taken in step with the people-oriented transportation in Isfahan, Haghshenas noted, "safety, which is concerned with reducing accidents and ensuring safety for citizens, is of utmost importance . Hinging on this point, eliminating accident-prone spots in the city has been put into force which resulted in declining the number of them from 65 cases to 14. "

"In addition to securing pedestrian crossings and sidewalks, implementing lighting solutions and modifying the white stripes of zebra crosswalks for 76 spots have been carried out to ensure public security."

Isfahan clings to People-oriented transport

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