Shahram Alidi and Elaheh Nobakht as Jurors

Shahram Alidi, the Iranian screenwriter and filmmaker residing in France as well as the Persian producer Elaheh Nobakht, along with a number of German and Swedish figures, comprise the jury of the competition category of World Cinema in the latest round of Duhok International Film Festival.

Iran (IMNA) - The jury in question includes the following people:
Soleen Yusef, Kurdish filmmaker residing in Germany, jury president
Shahram Alidi, Iranian producer, screenwriter, and filmmaker residing in France
Magnus Bärtås, university lecturer from Sweden
Elaheh Nobakht, producer and distributor from Iran
Mehdi Omed, Kurdish screenwriter and director residing in Sweden

Kurdish Cinema Jury:
Marcus Tellechea, producer from Brazil, jury president
Burhan Ozkan, producer from Turkey
Muriel Aboulrouss, director of photography from Lebanon
Hishyar Nerway, actor and director from Kurdistan Region
Dr. Kawthar M. Ali Jabara, university lecturer and critic from Iraq

Short Films jury:
Jenifer Malmqvist, screenwriter and director from Sweden, jury president
Aboozar Amini, Afghan director residing in the Netherlands
Mohammed Shaikhow, from the Kurdistan Region

Documentaries jury:
Paxton Winters, filmmaker from the US, jury president
Anas Boelicke, filmmaker from Germany and president of Goethe Institute in Iraq
Reber Dosky, Kurdish filmmaker residing in the Netherlands

The FIPRESCI jury:
The FIPRESCI jury comprises the following characters:
Sebahattin Şen, researcher and university lecturer from Turkey, jury president
Giulia Dobre, visual anthropologist and critic from Romania
Vassilis Kechagias, critic from Greece.

Jury members of “World Cinema” competition category in this festival will grant a statue, a plaque, and Yılmaz Güney’s $10,000 award to best feature film, $5000 to best director, $5000 to best international short film, $5000 to new talent, jury’s special $1500 award to best short and the French Goethe Institute’s $5000 dollar award to best international documentary.

Duhok International Film Festival, presided by Ameer Ali Mohammed Tahir, with artistic management by Shawkat Amin Korki, and in memoriam of Yılmaz Güney, the 1982 Palme d’or winner in Cannes, is in an effort to bridge the gap between Kurdish directors and those from the rest of the world, facilitating cultural exchanges among the nations all around the world.

The 9th edition of this festival will showcase 97 other films in feature format, short, or documentary, in competition or out of competition categories. “World Cinema” competition category includes 9 feature films, 8 documentaries, and 11 shorts; “Kurdish Cinema” competition category contains 5 features films, 6 documentaries, and 15 shorts; “World Vision” includes 6 feature films, 4 documentaries, and 3 shorts; “Kurdish Cinema Panorama” category contains 19 shorts; “Special Screening of Sweden Cinema” with 9 feature films; “Special Screening of Kurdish Cinema” with 1 feature film and 1 documentari. Duhok festival will close on 8 Docember 2022 after granting the awards.

Shahram Alidi and Elaheh Nobakht as Jurors

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