Isfahan offers free public transportation to disabled citizens

A large proportion of urban transport systems across the world remain inaccessible to persons with disabilities, wheelchair users in particular.

Iran (IMNA) - Mobility constraints are considered as a serious hindrance to disability-inclusive development. To eliminate this problem, the Municipality of Isfahan is developing transport infrastructures and services that can be accessible and affordable to the disabled community. Having access to affordable transportation helps the disabled people stay connected with their community. To keep the disabled healthy and active, the Municipality of Isfahan has provided accessible and free local transportation options that help them get around.

Emphasizing that 150,000 citizen credit cards have been issued for the city's target community including people with disabilities and senior citizens, the Mayor of Isfahan Ali Ghasemzade said, "Having this card, disabled people can reap the benefits of free public transportation, and enjoy the perks of the Municipality's cultural, recreational and educational spaces for free."

Isfahan offers free public transportation to disabled citizens

The Municipality of Isfahan has always paid special attention to the rights of the people with disabilities to the extent that the city's disabled community has introduced a representative to the Municipality who acts as a consultant at the technical committee on urban development, so that adaptations are put into effect which agrees his opinion."

Stressing that 192,000 square meters areas of streets have been converted into pedestrian areas over the past years, he continued, "All recently added pedestrian zones have been adapted to the needs of the disabled and the blind community."

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