Isfahan seeking better future with private investment

Great deal of responsibility of transition to a sustainable society falls to municipalities and considerable investments is needed to ensure this transition. The explosive population growth in cities is also putting significant strain on existing infrastructures.

Iran (IMNA)_ Ever-tightening budgets have compelled municipalities to pick out new strategies and financing tools to amplify traditional funding sources to put the projects into effect; One such financing tool to secure a sustainable future is private investment. Municipalities should create markets for private investment to boost urban development approaches.

"Currently, the Municipality has made the way for the private sector to enter the circle of urban development. In this regard, we are rolling out the red carpet for investors and economic activists," the Mayor of IsfahanAli Ghasemzade said.

Isfahan seeking a better future with private investment

Emphasizing that Isfahan's urban management principles will facilitate the realization of investors' ideas, he added, “Today, the path is paved for the private sector to involve in urban development affairs. Private sector investors are recognized as the capitals of Isfahan; therefore, we expect them to share their new ideas with city leaders.”

The Mayor of Isfahan noted, "There is a duty for private sector investors and economic activists to participate in building a road map called «Isfahan Tommorrow». We embrace new ideas and try to assign the required facility to investors."

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