Isfahan to make transport more sustainable

When it comes to public transit, Isfahan stands out from Iranian cities. Isfahan’s metro, taxi fleet, and bus network are all examples of excellent transportation in this historic city; whether they are transporting locals for their daily commute or tourists riding for fun on their travels, the benefits of public transportation are clear.

Iran (IMNA) - From improved community health to affordability, Isfahan public transportation systems build the foundation on which it become more livable and thriving in a variety of ways. In Isfahan, public transportation plays a vital role in the lives of residents especially students and workers.

Referring to the traffic and transportation condition in this city, Isfahan’s Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Traffic said, "we are witnessing gridlocks at the time of schools drop-off hours as people are getting less interested in using public transportation due to the behavior change during the COVID -19 pandemic."

Hossein Haghshenas noted, “taking advantage of intelligent software systems, new plans have been envisaged to improve transportation and traffic management.”

The Coronavirus pandemic led to a surge of teleworking and remote learning; moreover, citizens stopped using public transport, and cars take precedence over public transportation modes to prevent and slow down the transmission.

"During the outbreak of coronavirus, the number of buses-in-service decreased due to the lack of demand as well as the bus fleet being worn-out. However, about 50 middle buses have beeb added to the fleet in response to the reopening of schools and universities. Furthermore, repairs, renovations and refurbishments of buses were also carried out, " Isfahan’s Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Traffic remarked.

Isfahan to make transport more sustainable

Addressing the measures adopted by the Municipality of Isfahan to spur biking in the city, he added, "Cycling is the cleanest ways to get around a city, benefiting health, air quality, equity, community vibrancy, and smooth traffic flow. Global cities are taking the bicycle-friendly approaches after the "seismic shift" during the pandemic. With an eye to make transport more sustainable in Isfahan, general policies have been adopted, one of which is the development of cycling facilities such as cycle tracks and bicycle stations."

"New approaches are centered on developing intelligent transportation systems, among them, on-street parking receives the most attention as it engenders massive traffic jam," Haghshenas said concerning the new initiatives aiming at improving the efficiency of traffic management in Isfahan.

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