City Class to boost citizenship culture among students

Citizens have a key role in building a better society by making positive changes in the community where they live. Citizenship education involves developing the knowledge that enables people to assume responsibility for their communities.

Iran (IMNA) - Children are the current citizens in their own right, with the capacity to air their views and participate in the civic and cultural life of their city. Children who learn about citizenship early in life develop a stronger commitment to their community. City Class is a school subject that helps pupils to play a full part in society, as active and responsible citizens.

Referring to the implementation of a project entitled "City Class" in Isfahan schools, the head of the research center of Isfahan Islamic City Council Mostafa Nabati Nejad said, “including the citizenship education in schools’ curriculum aims at promoting socio-cultural moral codes.”

City Class to boost citizenship culture among students

Addressing the principles of the "City Class" project and its contribution in boosting citizenship culture, Nabati Nejad noted, “considering the students as the target audience in schools, City Class was an opportunity that Municipality of Isfahan seized to take advantage of the subsequent cultural influences.”

The head of the research center of Isfahan Islamic City Council pointed out, “during this course, citizenship knowledge will be taught to reshape students’ citizenship attitude. Implementing the city class project in Isfahan, we will witness the substantial results on developing the culture of citizenship.”

Emphasizing the impact of holding such educational programs from an early age to promote citizenship culture, Nabati Nejad said, “one of the key learning-oriented processes in different generations takes place during childhood and adolescence in the school contexts, so the Municipality has taken advantage of academic settings to address citizenship challenges.”

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