Citizens to help local authorities improve public transportation

A city’s transportation system acts like its heart and blood vessels that enables the steady flow of citizens through its veins. Municipal authorities, city leader, and transport-infrastructure operators in Isfahan clearly understood that improving the quality and efficiency of transportation network is vital for convenient mobility.

Iran (IMNA) - "In order to reap the benefits of public transportation services, Isfahani citizens can register the regular routes they take as the round-trip to work or school in a system called "Beh-hamrah", and then participate in a lottery that involves prizes such as five bicycles and 100 Isfahan credit cards, " Isfahan’s Deputy Mayor for Traffic and Transportation, Hossein Haghshanas, said.

Referring to the features of the "Beh-hamrah" application, he noted, "Considering the responsibility of the Municipality of Isfahan to provide excellent public transportation services, the local government has developed a system called "Beh-hamrah" for citizens to register and submit their most frequent directions they take during a day, then the Municipality will adapt and modify the function of public transport services based on the requests. "

Haghshanas added, "With the foregoing in mind, if the most frequent intra-city travel routes are covered by BRT and bus routes, we will improve the fleet efficiently. In the event that, citizen’s most taken routes are accessible by taxis, we will improve taxi services accordingly. "

Saying that the main advantage of this measure is for the benefit of the citizens, he expressed his hope that by registering required information in this system, citizens will help to upgrade the the public transportation fleet in Isfahan.

Citizens to help local authorities improve public transportation

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