39th Tehran International Short Film Festival Fiction Jury Announced

Mohammad Reza Sokoot, Rouhollah Sohrabi, Rasul Sadr Ameli, Hadi Moghadamdoost, and Hossein Namazi are members of the jury in charge of the films submitted to the fiction category of the 39th edition of Tehran International Short Film Festival.

Iran (IMNA) - The members of the jury for fiction shorts submitted to this international cinematic event are as follows:

Mohammad Reza Sokoot
Born in 1964 in Qasr-e Shirin, Mohammad Reza Sokoot is a director of photography and cinema instructor. He has served on the House of Cinema's board of directors from 2006 to 2022 and the Society of Cinematographers from 2005 to 2019. Sokoot has so far conducted the cinematography of more than fifty motion pictures and dozens of TV series as well as films distributed on streaming services some of which are "The Island", "Four Fingers", "All Along the Night", "Wander About Me", "Guinness", "Broad Daylight", "The Green Umbrella", "Ziba and I", "Horses Are Gentle Creatures", "The Smell of Wheat", "The Mermaid", "The Reward", "The Ancient Land", "A Petition from the Lord", "Forced Provenance", "Kandaloos Gardens", "Secrets", "Transit Café", "I am Not Bin Laden", "Encounter", "Earthly Verses", "A Butterfly in the Wind", "Several Strands of Hair", "Childish", "The Silence of the Sea", "Dealer", "The Dead Wave", and receiving awards and titles like the Crystal Simorgh for two films in Fajr Film Festival, and winning the jury's special prize in Roshd Festival for the feature "A Petition from the Lord".

Rouhollah Sohrabi
Born in 1979 in Hamadan, Rouhollah Sohrabi holds a bachelor's in Art, a master's in Political Science with a minor in International Relations, and a PhD in Political Science. He is an official member of the directors' center in House of Cinema, the Iranian Political Science Society, as well as a member of the Young Researchers and Elite Club, the policymaking council of the International Resistance Film, a member of the selection committee in the feature films category of the International Resistance Film Festival, a member of the jury in the feature videos section of the International Resistance Film Festival, and a member of the moviemaking permit issuance of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. He has so far written and directed films such as "The Cloudy Zone", "Ash and Snow", "The Song of Fire", and "We'll Recover", along with producing the feature film "The Return". He has also received numerous awards for his artistic contributions.

Rasul Sadr Ameli
Born in 1954 in Isfahan, Rasul Sadr Ameli holds an honorary doctorate in filmmaking. He is a producer, screenwriter, and director, as well as a member of the board of directors at Film Iran movie distribution company, and is the president of Isfahan's Hasanat Short Film Festival. Directing more than 20 feature films such as "My Sophomore Year at College", "Awaiting a Miracle", "Living with Eyes Shut", "The Girl with the Sneakers", "The Chrysanthemums", "I am Taraneh, 15 Years Old", and producing dozens of films like "Parvaneh Swimming", "Tsunami", "The Foreign Doll", "I Saw Your Dad Last Night, Aida", "Life's Good Days", etc, are some of his experiences in this industry. In addition, Sadr Ameli has received awards and honors namely best film in House of Cinema ceremony, best film in the convention for the children and youth, the jury's special award for alliance between nations in the 50th round of Berlinale, the jury's special award in Locarno Festival, the special city award from 14th Rennes, France Festival, and winning the Golden Butterfly from Isfahan International Film Festival for the Children and Youth.

Hadi Moghadamdoost
Born in 1971 in Tehran, Hadi Moghadamdoost is a screenwriter, director, and instructor of cinema. Compositing educational articles and reviews as well as interviews with film magazines such as Soroush, Negar, Film Monthly, and Hamshahri Fiction, Hamshahri Youth, and Hamshahri Monthly, teaching screenwriting in the Youth Cinema Society of Iran, Artistic Region, and cultural and educational institutes, serving on the selection committees and juries of festivals like Fajr, Ruyesh, 100 Second Films, Hasanat, Shahr, etc. sum up his experiences in the area.
He has also written the script and directed films like "A Rebirth", "Sealed Secret", "Penniless", and TV shows like "My flower Goli", "Habitat", "Sawaneh Al-Oshaq", "This is Not a Courtroom", "This is Not the Way", "White Situation", "Trooper", Beside the Sea", etc.

Hossein Namazi
Born in 1981 in Tuyserkan, Hossein Namazi is a filmmaker, screenwriter, and instructor of screenwriting, with a bachelor's degree in cinema. He graduated from the Youth Cinema Society of Iran back in 1996, and currently works in the fields of screenwriting and directing shorts, feature films, and TV series. Namazi has also been on the selection committees and juries of several national and international festivals beside presiding over the short film category of Chantilly, France.
Attending several festivals with films like "Appendix" and earning awards such as Best Screenplay from Montreal, Canada, the Asia Pacific special jury prize for direction, best screenplay from Imagine India Spain, and writing and directing the feature film "Deceased" and being featured in the best films of the 40th Fajr Festival voted by the audience, and "Around Autumn" TV series and being nominated for best director in Hafez Film Awards are some of the artistic experiences of this filmmaking figure.
This committee will judge the works submitted to the fiction section as well as the films introduced by juries of other categories so as to grant the Best Technical Achievement Award.

39th Tehran International Short Film Festival Fiction Jury Announced

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