Isfahan to realize rights of blind citizens

Referring to the measures taken for the welfare of the blind community, the Mayor of Isfahan said: "The Municipality has always been concerned about making the city more accessible for blind and visually impaired people; last year, about 192 thousand square meters navigating sidewalks have been built in the city.”

Iran (IMNA) - City streets almost present challenges even to people with sight. Some wayfinding systems and signage that have been considered for the blind community are not useful as their designs are not based on technical solutions; so, people with visual impairments may find it difficult to commute in the city.

Also, blind or partially sighted people are challenged by streetscape features such as broken or uneven surfaces that block their path; therefore, implementing navigating sidewalks with tactile indicators can make sidewalks more blind-friendly.

Isfahan to realize rights of blind citizens

"Implementing wayfinding and navigation designs is one of the basic measures concerning the construction of tactile pavements. Concerning the purchase of required equipment for the new fleet of Isfahan’s public transport, it has been tried to take the accessibility needs of blind persons into account; Middle buses, which have recently been purchased, are adapted to the needs of the disabled, veterans and blinds," the Mayor of Isfahan, Ali Ghasemzadeh, noted regarding the blind-friendly measures in the city.

The Mayor of Isfahan continued, "we are moving toward building a smart city that can greatly help the blind or partially sighted people to access the required services from their homes electronically."

"The rights of the blinds in the city have not been fulfilled, but we are trying to realize them," he emphasized.

People with sight issues have as much right to travel as those without impaired visions. Many navigating systems are designed without full and proper consideration for this user group. So, implementing engineered solutions with the cooperation of the blind community will help the municipality to provide more blind-friendly spaces.

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