"Avaye Doost", Complete Iranian Radif Album Performed by Maestro Yaghoub Anoush

The upcoming album "Avaye Doost" (Sound of the Friend) is a comprehensive collection of authentic Iranian radif music performed by maestro violinist Yaghoub Anoush, in seven dastgahs, and it is produced by Kourosh Anoosh, the Iranian and international singer of the Swiss National Orchestra.

The music album "Avaye Doost" is a complete collection of authentic Iranian radif performed by maestro violinist Yaghoub Anoush in seven dastgahs, a first for Iran to use this instrument for that purpose, and it is produced by the Iranian and international singer of the Swiss National Orchestra, Kourosh Anoosh. It took Iman Hojjat two years to record, mix, and master the project in Raga Studio of Tehran, currently ready for release with an authorized license issued by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. Soon to be released by Javan Records all across the country, the album will be available to music enthusiasts, especially violin players and researchers.
After fifty years of musical research and playing the violin, maestro Yaghoub Anoush created this work within two years of constant practice in Raga Studio. Kourosh Anoosh as the producer, publisher, and distributor of Javan Records, Mohammad Anoush as the Tombak player, Mahboubeh Tafazzoli as the narrator, Rokhsareh Okhovat as the photographer, Behzad Haji Beyklu as the graphic artist, and Mansour Jahani as the media counselor are all involved in this project.
A noteworthy feature of this album is hearing the voice of the late maestro Bahman Boustan, a researcher of Iranian music and Persian literature, in the opening lines of the first CD, citing several verses in praise of music with his heartwarming voice.
Kamran Kouhestani, the music expert and researcher, has written a memorandum attached to the album's booklet, saying, "Yaghoub Anoush was born on 23, April, 1946 in Tehran. He began to play the violin by the ear when he was 17 years old, later grabbing this opportunity to train under the supervision of great musicians such as Habibollah Badiee, and Homayoun Khorram, either in person or indirectly, and to further study their methods of playing and creating pieces."
The next paragraphs state, "Yaghoub Anoush studied in Qaem Maqam schools and Monirieh and Karoon high schools. After being recruited into the big family of the National Bank of Iran while attending specialized courses in banking, he joined maestro Gholam Hossein Amirkhani's circle of pupils so that he may perfect the art of Nasaliq. His determination and adoration was so profound that he managed to earn a top spot in the elite course of calligraphers' association, and in several rounds of festivals and competitions held in the seventies, he demonstrated his unique talent to the Iranian culture and art. His enormous passion and dedication to the exquisite musical instrument of violin, and countless hours of practice and hard work through the years have made Mr. Anoush an adroit performer."
In a separate section, the memo mentions, "The special and unique techniques used by maestro Anoush in bowing, response songs, and improvisations have turned him into a proficient artist. Years and years of imaginative perception, along with the sweet tune of his instrument, would impress any person among the learned or the public. His collaborations and accompanying of Iran's king of song, maestro Mohammadreza Shajarian, was a formative experience as a violinist, playing one of the toughest instruments in the world. Our refined fellows who have had the chance to be in his intimate and gentle company throughout the various decades are better in the loop about the selfless, generous, and guileless manner with which he presented his good-natured emotions and desires."
This memo concludes with the following words, "The present piece 'Avaye Doost' consists of a performance of the whole range of authentic Iranian radifs and percussions. It is the offspring to the gentle nature and opulent taste in playing and touching one of the most complex instruments in the present day and age. We hope that young fans may find themselves intoxicated by Anoush's sumptuous performance, while appreciating the technicalities and methods in real time. The author assuredly hopes that this work may act as a melody adorning fans' lips."
"Avaye Doost" is a complete collection of authentic Iranian radif, in six compact discs, the first of which is dedicated to dastgah-e Mahur, the next to Homayun and Isfahan, the third to Bayat-e Turk and Dashti, the fourth to Chahargah and Segah, the fifth to Shour, Abu Ata, and Afshari, and finally, the last disc focuses on Nava and Rastpanjgah, performed by maestro Yaghoub Anoush with the violin.

 "Avaye Doost", Complete Iranian Radif Album Performed by Maestro Yaghoub Anoush

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