10 May 2022 - 11:54
Isfahan to revive Saqqakhanes

Saqqakhane refers to a public drinking water fountain that commemorates the thirsty martyrs,Imam Hussain in particular, who sacrificed their lives at the battle of Karbala (680 A.D.).

Iran (IMNA) - Saqqakhanes are standposts having Islamic architectural features where water is freely dispensed to public through a geometrical grilled patterned window. They have often been decorated with religious symbols such as candles, Muslim prayer beads, green ribbons, metallic hand shaped icon along with some craved scene of the battle of Karbala.

Isfahan to revive Saqqakhanes

Traditionaly, Saqqakhanes are structures of religious importance in Muslim cities, most prominently in the cities hosting the holy shrines. They usually lies at crossroads, in the yard of shrines and in old neighbourhoods to provide drinking water for pedestrians and to assist ablutions.

Isfahan's Deputy Mayor and the head of the Isfahan Municipality's Department for Cultural, Social and Sports Affair said, "In the new period of urban management, we have tried to revive the Saqakhanehs (traditional urban drinking water fountains)."

Isfahan to revive Saqqakhanes

Mojtaba Shahmoradi said, "Saqakhanehs are part of our identity and embrace various arts in their shapes, including poetry, painting, tiling and architecture."

Referring to the importance of Isfahan from the cultural heritage perspective, the Deputy President of Isfahan's Cultural Heritage Department noted, "Considering the credits that the Ministry has allocated for the cultural heritage affais, positive decesions in the field of cultural heritage and restoration of historical monuments have been predicted in the coming months."

Isfahan to revive Saqqakhanes

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