"Yar" Music Video Composed and Performed by Farnood Elhami Released

"Yar" music video composed by Farnood Elhami, sung by Sepehr Zonnurian, performed by Amir Hossein Menshadi, directed by Mohsen Rashidi, produced by Ayaz Tanbour House, and managed by Farid Elhami, the Tanbur player and composer, featuring Tanbur maqams, has been released.

Iran (IMNA) - The tune of "Yar" is not one of the original Tanbur tunes; in fact, it is an invented tune which is a combination of the original Tanbur tunes, and is known as the Oshagh tune.
The song in the track "Yar" has been derived from Khamooshe Gian maqam, ending with two Tanbur maqams without featuring the original one.

Farnood Elhami was born in a family of artists in the city of Sahneh in Kermanshah province. His grandfather, Seyyed Ayaz Qazvineh, was a Tanbur maestro, and his father is also a theater director in Sahneh.

"Yar" Music Video Composed and Performed by Farnood Elhami Released

He learned to play the Tanbur as a teenager from Sahneh Maqam players, earning the first place in the solo performance of Barbad music festival and contest when he was 18 and 22.

Since 2006, the artist has been working along with his brother Farid Elhami in Ferdowsi band, performing and recording songs such as "Derafsh Kaviani", and "Shahnameh Kurdi" by Shahram Nazeri, "Eshghnameh" by Sadigh Tarif, "Eshgh" by Hessamoddin Seraj, and "Omid, Baz Amadam" by Vahid Taj.

Elhami started the rehearsal and recording of "Eshghnameh" album back in 2015, collaborating with his brother Farid Elhami in composing the tracks sung by Sadigh Tarif, though due to some reasons, this work has not been released yet.

"Yar" Music Video Composed and Performed by Farnood Elhami Released

In 2020, Elhami released the song "Majnoon", sung by Parvaz Homay, using a progressive rock arrangement which offered a new outlook toward Tanbur and Rumi poetry. The songs "Baba Sarhangi", "Qalandar", Oshagh", Khowf o Raja", and the album "Eshghnameh" are some of his upcoming works.

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