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Land Day

Land Day, held on March 30 each year, is a day of significance for Palestinian citizens and the Palestinian diaspora everywhere. It marks a special moment in Palestinian history when protests against land confiscation by Israel turned deadly for six people. The day not only commemorates this past event, but it also celebrates the Palestinian spirit of revolution.

Iran (IMNA) - It began in 1976. The Israeli regime declared its intention to requisition lands — from Arab villages like Sakhnin and Arraba in the Galilee region of Israel — for official use. This move would displace numerous Arab citizens.

The very first political organization claiming to represent all Palestinians, the National Committee for the Defense of Arab Lands, called for a strike. They named this ‘Land Day’ and launched widespread protests, mostly in the affected areas. This was significant, considering public protests by Arab citizens were rare to non-existent prior to the 1970s. Political movements were active but sporadic. This event united Arabs on both sides of the Israeli border.

Land Day

The protest itself did not stop the land expropriation plan. Protestors were met with strong resistance. Hundreds were injured and six people lost their lives.
Sixteen years after the incident, Land Day became a national holiday in Palestine and is celebrated annually with demonstrations and a general strike by Palestinians everywhere.

This movement gained a renewed surge in 2018 when thousands of Palestinians — families, people of all ages, and genders — commemorated Land Day by peacefully walking towards the border areas along the Gaza Strip. They dubbed this the Great March of Return and originally intended to highlight the sacrifices of those who resisted and continue to resist land acquisition; it is also a protest against Israel’s 10-year long siege of Gaza. Since that year, Palestinians in Gaza have held weekly marches towards a security fence put up by Israel. They mainly attempt to break the siege around their territory and demand their land back as well.

Land Day has been commemorated by Palestinians in locations worldwide — U.S., Canada, Germany, Finland, France, Belgium — and continues till today.


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