Isfahan to adopt more theme-oriented parks

"Considering the development of theme-oriented parks being on the agenda, the construction of recycle-themed and skill-based parks, adapted spaces for children with disabilities as well as Quranic park in District 12, has entered the planning stage," the head of the Child-friendly City Department at Isfahan Municipality's Deputy Office for Urban Planning and Architecture said:

Iran (IMNA) - Regarding the measures taken by the child-friendly department in 2021, Asma Nekouei noted, "The actions adopted by this office this year have been in the fields of extension and development projects; realizing the cultural promotion of child-friendly concept, the elections of the Child and Youth Advisory Council was conducted with 27,000 votes in April of this year. "

Concerning the strategy adopted by the child-friendly city department for next year, she added, "Since February of last year, a two-year plan of action has been set for this department by the Ministry of Interior."

Isfahan to adopt more theme-oriented parks

The primary function of any theme park is to ensure the realization of the purposes for which they have been designed. Subject- oriented parks are primarily built for educational, cultural and entertainment objectives.

Play is an essential part of children's learning and development. It helps them develop critical cognitive, emotional and social skills.

Local managers in Isfahan are making every effort to turn urban parks into more inclusive and accessible ones for children especially those with disabilities to enjoy a variety of playground equipment.

Theme- oriented parks are precious resources for children with disabilities to interact with their peers in an adapted environment and experience the simple joys of playing.

By creating an environment where children can experience play, city managers are not only supporting children's physical health but also increasing their chances to explore their creative side.

Isfahan to adopt more theme-oriented parks

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