29 December 2021 - 11:26
Shahreza; Iran's pottery hub

Pottery is one of the oldest man-made decorative art works originating before the New Stone Age featured by settlement in permanent residences, and the birth of crafts.

Iran (IMNA) - The Iranian Plateau in the West Asia assumes a great role in emerging and expanding the art of pottery. Many terracotte have been unearthed during archeological excavations in Iran's Central Alborz and the Bakhtiari Mountains, dating back to 8000 to 10000 BC; red color and unique geometric designs are the salient features of Persian pottery.

Shahreza; Iran's pottery hub

Isfahan’s Shahreza has long been considered as the heart of pottery and ceramic industry in Iran; on this account, Shahreza was selected as the “National City of Pottery” in 1997. The history of pottery in Shahreza dates back to the second century AH; however, the art flourished during the Safavid era and reached a crescendo in twentieth century.

Shahreza; Iran's pottery hub

Shahreza’s pottery features turquoise glaze and creative patterns of fish and flowers; What distinguishes Shahreza's pottery from Hamedan's one is the unique aqua green color which is derived from natural ingredients.

With more than 70 active pottery production workshops and having clayey soil, Shahreza County is one of the pottery making hub in Iran.

Shahreza; Iran's pottery hub

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