Convergence one of central axis in urban management

In the new era of globalization, all city leaders must take new roles and more responsibilities by assuming new policies and strategies.

Iran (IMNA) - The need for citizen involvement in local governance has long been recognized. Such participation is critical for having a more equal community.

Participatory management is particularly significant for the residents of deprived areas, who are generally among the lowest-income and most disadvantaged urban citizens.

Bearing in mind that citizens are the main resource that cities have, urban officials and responsible bodies must adopt incentive measures to involve people in city administration.

Emphasizing that convergence is one of the central axis in urban management that holds prime importance,Ali Ghasemzadeh, the Mayor of Isfahan said, “this convergence must take place among the managers of the municipal regions, then between the people and in ccontinuation the cross-organizational cooperation must be occurred."

He considered participation as a very important subject in this management period and added, "We should seek more citizens' involvement. The Municipality mustn't wait for peope to come to the office, but we must identify and take advantage of the capacities and investors to develop the region."

Convergence one of central axis in urban management

Ghasemzadeh mentioned, "Sometimes we involve people in decision making processes, which is a very good type of participation; however, there is a higher level of involvement that is the engagement of people in the implementation of projects."

He added, "There is another level of contribution, which is entrusting the projects to the people with the supervision of the Municipality. In this type of participation, citizens are the executers and the Municipality plays the role of a backer."

Referring to the higher level of participation, the mayor of Isfahan said: "At the highest standard of the participation, citizens are recognized as project managers and the Municipality will be available people as a mediating tool."

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