Ties between Isfahan, Porto to be tightened

The mayor of Isfahan announced Isfahan's gearing up to hold cultural events in Portugal’s Porto and said, "Such events could be hold before the end of this year."

Iran (IMNA) - "We are ready develop a culture of communication and public diplomacy with Porto, considering the experiences of Isfahan’s urban management board with 14 other sister cities," Ali Ghasemzadeh said during a video conference with the Iranian ambassador to Portugal.

Referring to a proposal suggesting to hold Isfahan’s cultural events in Portugal, which was put forward by the Iranian ambassador to this country, Ghasemzade noted, " Isfahan's cultural events could be held in March, the perfect form of which would be the presence of artists and arrangement of exhibitions."

Stating that the relationships between Isfahan and some of its sister cities have been extended to the development of connections with universities and economic institutions, the Mayor of Isfahan clarified, "We have an itch to establish a relationship between Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) with the University of Porto."

Pointing out that the development of tourism is also on the agenda of the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, he said, "In recent years, relations between Isfahan and Germany have been formed in the domains of the seminary of Isfahan and Germany's churches, so we want to establish ties between the religious sectors through visits, so that our scholars become more familiar with cultural areas. "

“High-level delegates from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been dispatched to Portugal, and it was discussed that both sides should experience expanding cooperation, " Morteza Daman Pak Jami noted.

The Iranian ambassador to Portugal continued, "the connection between Isfahan and Porto began about a year and a half ago; Regarding urban relations between Iran and Portugal, the city of Porto set up its cooperation with Isfahan under a one-year program, and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed about three months ago."

He added, "One of the items that has been authorized in the twinning agreement is the municipality's support for non-governmental organizations to expand public and cultural connections leadin to the exchange of information between both cities."

Daman Pak Jami said, "The mayor of Porto is an Iran, Isfahan-friendly person as he quickly announced the sister city bond with Isfahan.”

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