Beauty game changer factor for urban life

Just as we are quick to judge people by their styles, we may also assess a city from its appearance. With a quick glance, we intuitively perceive the cleanliness of the neighborhoods, the style of the architecture, and the liveliness of the streets to form our impressions. It is obvious that a city's appearance can reveal information on its essence and identity.

Iran (IMNA) - The beautification strategies have repeatedly been found to impact citizens' well-being; it could also promote social interactions. In the case of cities, beauty is a game changer factor regarding the urban life as it is an essential quality to live-ability. A bunch of research studies have shown that the impression of living in a beautiful place is firmly correlated with satisfaction.

Apart from making cities more livable and orderly, the City Beautiful movement is meant to shape the urban image as a mechanism by which the city could establish lasting ties to its old history.

Hussein Balam, the head of the Regional Planning Division of Isfahan Municipality's Deputy Office for Urban Planning and Architecture, referring to the implementation of the urban landscaping plan in 15 municipal districts, said, "Part of the visual abnormalities on urban appearance is related to infrastructure facilities such as power cables and telecommunications, etc.; to address the issue, we require the participation of organizations and departments outside the municipality, and we hope that with their partnership we could witness maximum measures in this regard. "

Tackling the appearance of the Chaharbagh axis, he noted, "Due to the pedestrianization of the Chaharbagh axis, the walls have become more exposed to general view and this visual confusion is evident; we hope that with the cooperation of the owners doing their business in this axis, we will implement the modification project for next year in the Chaharbagh axis, especially in less privileged areas. "

Beauty game changer factor for urban life

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