The work of animation requires patience

A well-known Iranian animation director Reza Riahi stated that work of animation requires patience.

Iran (IMNA) - Speaking in an expert meeting on the sidelines of the 38th Tehran International Short Film Festival, "What I did in 'The Breadwinner,' 'The Musician,' and my last film was that I borrowed from myself and the actors in the film to make the movements look more natural and connected," he said.
"I remember in the middle of making one of my works, because of a problem that happened to one of the actors, we had to change the end of the story, we had to remove a few scenes from the film and put another sequence at the end of the film, which was very stressful," he said.

Commenting on the process of making "Twilight" he said: "In this work, I painted on glass with oil paint because I wanted to show the way people interact with each other, so I used the experience of other countries. Of course, I like to work with any story that fits the story every time".
Talking about "Parvaneh", he said:" It took 2 and half years. I adapted this film from a book. I started construction in 2014 and in 2016 it was finished. There were two different periods in this film. We had two different times in the film, one part of which was fantasy and the other part was serious. The film was about Afghanistan, but due to the issues that arose, we could not go to Kabul. All we did was use photos and Skype. I remember at the end of the film we wanted to say that there is still hope, so I suggested that a flower start growing and other flowers grow next to it, which took a week or two to do."

Referring to the "Musician" animation, he said:" The work of making the "Musician" was completed two years ago, but his other works, such as attending festivals, became coronary, which was not interesting to us. Of course, this atmosphere was more sad for the producers. However, the film went to several festivals. It is important that the festival process continues and the film is seen."
Referring to another of his works, the director said: "Saba Alizadeh is a busy musician, he has worked hard to get here and I am proud of her efforts. Although Saba had not worked in animation yet, but I learned a lot from her. Saba did the soundtrack. This film has no dialogue and is completely done with music.

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The work of animation requires patience

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