Narrating stories creative approach for Isfahan's branding

The Mayor of Isfahan Ali Ghasemzadeh said;" it appears necessary to make Isfahan more dynamic within the province of tourism industry by taking advantage of all-round cooperative partnership."

Iran (IMNA) - "Urban management board and the Municipality are by the tourism industry's side. In this regard, we are ready to provide grounds for cooperation; If we work in close collaboration, Isfahan, which itself features many potentials, can become a destination for domestic, regional and international tourism, " He continued.

The Mayor of Isfahan, referring to the intrinsic duties of urban management systems within the province of tourism, noted, "Facilitation in the case of tourism, investors, construction of hotels and recreational places are the domains that urban management can do as concerns for tourism. "

Speaking of tourism, the mayor of Isfahan emphasized, "the Municipality is primed to participate in the fields of development and hardware approaches. We can fill up tourists' time with a particular activity, telling stories is a case in point; for example, by narrating the history of Chehelston Palace, we can occupy six to eight hours of a tourist who don’t not dream of doing something. "

"Every night, a story about Isfahan can be narrated using the combination of performing arts to introduce the culture, art and history of the city in historical places. We hope that our attempts will be directed towards getting the historical potential out of the static state and make them dynamic, " Qasemzadeh noted.

"In each historical building, related stories could be presented. Artistic skills and cultural capacities are abundant in Isfahan; so, we can take advantage of such opportunities and perform the narrations every night," he ended.

Narrating stories creative approach for Isfahan's branding

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