Canadian director Laura U. Marks: The talisman image aims to see the world

an international filmmaker, Laura U. Marks, stressed the importance of the research process in film-making in the specialized session of "Experimental Film Techniques" at the 38th Tehran International Short Film Festival currently underway in Tehran.

Iran (IMNA) - She made the remakes in the virtual specialized meeting dubbed "38-20" on the sidelines of the festival.
U. Marks said: "I am very happy to be present at this meeting and, of course, the Tehran Short Film Festival. I want to talk about two trends and branches of experimental documentary cinema, both of which are important to me. For example, the image of a talisman is to see the world."
She added that: "I referred to the Islamic history of Talisman to investigate this issue. In fact, this definition goes back to the 13th century. The content of this definition is that a talisman is nothing but the force of celestial on our body. In this context, the wizard uses a spell that comes from the stars and astronomy."
U. Marks stated: "This spell actually interferes with the celestial force to affect the planet. The content of this magic is physical order, knowledge of nature, and the desire to concentrate. Of course, a very strong sense of timing is also effective for the spell to do its job properly."
She continued: "One of my sources for this type of image is the semantic spell of a complex theory of transcendental cause and effect radiation, which is a ninth-century theory. Each of the stars in the universe affects everything and embodies the passion of the human soul. A wizard is a person who gives himself power and strength."
U. Marks added: "There is a kind of magic in cosmology that if we understand the structure of the world, based on this understanding we can understand the power of magic. Many of these spells have symbols in Islamic lands and Europe that resemble special waves."

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